Halloween Trick or Treat  v.1.0

Dive into Halloween: Trick or Treat and go on a seasonal Hidden Object Adventure!

Fearson's Aces - Magic Trick eBook

An absolutely amazing mindreading card trick! Totally destroy the mind of an unsuspecting victim with just four Aces... they'll love you for it! There's no sleight of hand required and no trick devices. This is a powerful trick that will baffle any


Golf Tips & Trick - How to Play Golf Better

Learn how to make your golf swing better, your golf play getting better than before. Tips and trick from golf master.

Trick Ball  v.1. 1. 2004

Trick Ball is a 2D arcade game by 300 AD. The game was developed using Garagegame's Torque Game Builder. The game combines physics and puzzle levels to create a new type of game play.

Trick or Treat  v.

Trick or Treat, that is the question! Scare your friends and family by showing them this app that poses as an optical illusion. Once they start to get into it "BOO!" they get a shock as a Zombie appears. Also includes a list of tricks that you can

Card Trick  v.

This is a simple card trick. But the illusion here will JINX you to such an extent that you will be tempted to play again and again, just to find out HOW!!! Have

Trick Shot  v.

Trick Shot is a simple but addictive basketball game. The goal is simple. Get the ball in the basket! Simply drag your finger in the direction you want the ball to go and the further you drag the more force will be applied to the ball.

Knife Trick  v.

Knife Trick is a game wherein a person places the palm of his or her hand down on a table with fingers apart. Using a knife, you attempt to stab back and forth between your fingers, trying not hit them. You must hit space in order 1-2-1-3-1-4-1-3

Trick or Trash  v.1.0

Halloween slithers closer this week with our latest freeware set.

Tiny The Trick Master  v.1.0

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a greedy and imperious landlord called Mr. Big. Everyone hated him but they didn't dare to do anything because he was the most powerful man in the village.

Trick Calculator  v.

Not your average calculator! :) A humorous and witty calculator you can use for fun, or to prank your friends with. Complete with a stack of phrases to talk back at you and a few extra tricks up it's sleeve for those that venture too far... It may

Trick Or Treat Concentration  v.

Simple game of memory with a halloween theme. Turn over cards to make matches and increase your score! Watch for bonus cards like the "Treat" card that doubles your scores!! Please rate the game and give feedback if you like it. We always welcome

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